Lead Safe Inspections - Are your children protected?

Our Mission is to continue to serve the Lancaster County area in a way that will help those responsible for young children, to keep them safe from hazardous Lead Paint Chips and Dust. Buildings built prior to 1978, and especially before 1960 had lead products installed throughout the construction. Today, the real issue with lead paint used in this era can will wear when moving parts rub against each other, such as windows, doors, floors and railings all can give off lead particles and dust into your indoor environment. Lead dust settles in about an hour when disturbed, plenty of time to settle on window troughs, sills and on the floor below. Same with doors. Lead dangers can be greatly reduced by regular cleaning and window/door replacement.

Even with so called “Encapsulation” with latex paint is not good enough. Opening and closing windows and doors will wear through the latex paint and start omitting lead dust again. Children living and playing in older homes need to be protected from harmful lead poisoning that can be absorbed into their bodies and is irreversible in children under six (6) years old. Lead poisoning can lower a child`s ability to learn and cause anger in individuals who have high lead content in their blood. If you are living in a pre 1970`s house, we recommend protect your children`s health and order a “Lead Safe” Inspection & Testing.

  At Lancaster Environmental Testing, we offer “Lead Safe” inspections and testing at a fair price. The damage that could happen to your children definitely out way the costs of testing. Contact us today.