Need a Construction Loan?

Spring and summer is the time of year folks thing about remodeling or expanding their home. But it could be tough to manage their current mortgage with a second loan for years. That is where the HUD 203k construction loan comes into play. You can combine your current mortgage with the needed work into one low interest mortgage. This can also be used to buy that run down house at that really nice location. A buyer can roll the purchase price with the costs of the work being done. According to how much work is needed, HUD will require a 203k Consultant be contacted for primary inspection and to make up a work write-up and deliver a report called a SOR.  Most finance companies will require an independent 203k Consultant. This is because after the work write-up it is also the consultant`s job to return for draw inspections (up to five) as the work progresses and is done in a workman like manner. The consultant must also review municipal code inspections. If you are interested in possibility of getting into one of these loans, we could offer a list of HUD Certified finance companies and contractors in the central PA areas.

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