Does your home contain Lead Based Paint?

Lead Based Paint possibly in your home?

Are you a pregnant woman or have children between six months to six years old living in your home? If so, Lead-Safe practices should always be followed.

Lead Based Paint Dust can be a real danger for children and pregnant women too because high lead intake during pregnancy can harm your unborn baby.

What Can You Do About It?

Proper Controls when living in a pre-1978 and especially pre-1960 home.

·        You can reduce lead hazards by repairing damaged painted surfaces and planting new grass to cover soil that could contain high lead levels, especially in play areas.

·        Clean up paint chips right away. Then surfaces needs to be properly prepped by WET scraping and sanding or sanding with a HEPA Vac system. Latex paint will not stick very long unless the surface is properly prepared. An astrometric primer should first be applied to properly incapsulate the lead-based paint, then apply a latex top coat.

·        There are EPA and PA State Licensed individuals you can contact for testing, Risk Assessments and contractors certified by the EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting rule that are available for hire to perform the needed assessment & repairs in a safe manor. 

·        Clean painted surfaces like floors, stairs, window sills & troughs weekly, then thoroughly rinse your cleaning tools. Do not contaminate one area to the next by changing gloves and water often. Contaminated water can be flushed down a toilet. 

·        Wash children's hands frequently; wash toys and other items they play with regularly.

·        Keep children from chewing on painted surfaces. Play-pens can avoid children crawling around on floors prior to walking that can cause lead dust to get all over them.

·        Eat nutritious meals that are high in iron and calcium. Children and adults with good diets absorb less lead. Children between six months & six years old are most at risk.

Be sure to follow the EPA's guidelines if you plan to remodel or renovate a home built prior to 1978. Lead removal or encapsulation requires work by an EPA certified lead abatement contractor who will remove lead paint or seal and enclose it with special materials. Removal of plaster walls, ceilings or caulk can also expose Asbestos fibers.

Lead testing may be common in some areas, but it is rare to find a home seller who has tested for the presence of lead paints, so don't be alarmed or suspicious if your seller has no lead paint information to share with you but ask for testing prior to closing

Although lead based paint can create a health risk, for most of us its presence isn't enough to keep us from buying a home we love – but be aware of how to deal with it.

Visit the EPA's Web site for in-depth information about identifying lead hazards in your home and to contact Certified Risk Assessors, Inspectors and Contractors.

At Lancaster Environmental Testing, LLC, we offer EPA Certified and Pennsylvania State Licensed Lead Based Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments to inspect and assess your home for lead paint hazards and to make up a report of the findings and recommendations for action if high levels of Lead Paint is found. Our Inspector/Assessor has decades of experience inspecting properties and offering repair recommendations. So contact Lancaster Environmental Testing, LLC for your lead based paint assessment at a fair price. We also offer Testing for Asbestos and Mold as well as Indoor Air Quality inspections and consultations.