Our Mission is to continue to serve the Lancaster County area in a way that will help those responsible for young children, to keep them safe from hazardous Lead Paint Chips and Dust.

To also serve people who may have allergic reactions to what is in their indoor air in their environment at home or where they work and what might be causing their reaction. Indoor Air Quality testing can offer answers to what may be causing reactions by people in a space that often times can be caused by mold, animal and human dander, and other microscopic particles in the indoor air commonly breathed in at home, at work and even in classrooms.

We also offer VOC testing for possible off-gassing from Volatile Organic Compounds from building materials and adhesives, carpet, furniture, oil products, other chemicals, etc

If you are purchasing a home or building that you wish to know is in the environment you could have testing done PRIOR to purchase just to be on the safe side. Just give us a call to discuss testing techniques, turn around time from us and the lab, and pricing


Lancaster Environmental Testing has grow out of twenty years of experience from Tri-M Home & Building Inspections. Over the years the owner/inspector experienced numerous inspections in the Lancaster County and surrounding areas with environmental issues while performing standard home inspections. During that time our interest in environmental inspections and testing had grown. In 2004 the inspector trained and became certified for Mold and Indoor Air Quality. In 2016 the inspector trained to become a certified Lead Building Inspector and licensed by the state of Pennsylvania to perform inspections and testing.
— Wayne F Murray, brings that experiance to LET

What We've Achieved

Over 6,000 ASHI Certified Home Inspections

Over 800 Mold and/or Indoor Air Quality tests